Tools of a medium

Copyright by Mel Fischer

During soultalks it often arises that incidents in the now have their causes in past lives or are related to energetic links with others. 


Therefore, I use certain tools to change these circumstances, this can be part of a soul talk, or booked individually.

A few of them I want to list below:


Cutting cords

We form energetic bonds with people when we meet them, these bonds can remain even after our human bond has long ended. Energetic ties are formed that influence our interaction with each other and ourselves. 


During Cutting cords I look at the energetic connections between two people and dissolve them if they are disturbing or hindering, thus the heart connection is strengthened and possible dependencies or unbalanced energies are neutralized. 


Cutting cords is very helpful, for example, in ex-relationships or dependency relationships of any form.

It is also a very powerful tool, that I only use after explaining properly what the consequenes can be.



Ancestral line

Some "problems" that show up in our lives have their cause or their root in past generations, they were passed on energetically, so to speak. 


This shows itself to me either directly when someone comes to me with a problem, or I visit the ancestral line and find the origin of the problem and resolve it there for all subsequent generations.


Some people would like to know who they were in a past life, or why they are so drawn to a certain country or language for example.


Past lives can have an impact on our current life.

When I look into this, I am  shown which life is currently having an impact and what that impact is, some things can be rewritten, for others awareness is all that is needed to turn things around. Oaths, vows and curses etc. can be dissolved. 


I can also look at what karmic connections/entanglements one has with people in one's environment, whether there are soul mates, or people already know each other from past lives and in what relationship they were to each other, etc. In addition, I can release or rewrite these entanglements, and thereby transform the energy in the now.