Welcome, lovely you're here!

I am Maika, full-sighted medium and spiritual healer. 


I communicate with the souls of humans and animals, of the living and the deceased and thus create a connection between the material and the spiritual world. 


Through this "gift", my special kind of perception, I "see" incidents and energies that are hidden from many people. Some problems are difficult to solve in the "normal way" - I can recognize the origin and thus accompany people in all situations in life and support them in finding their happiness. 


I change lives. 


I love life! The sunshine, the rain, hail, storm. I love spring, summer, autumn and winter. Through my special way of perception I can see and receive the beauty and magic in everything that surrounds me. 


I would like more people to be able to perceive and receive the world like this, because it makes life incredibly livable and beautiful. 


Feel free to look around here and contact me if you are interested.


Take care, Maika