Spiritual healing

Everything is energy, everything flows. Even our material bodies consist of energy. Every human being has the ability to heal itself, our body does this regularly without us having to give it any thought or encourage it to do so.


Quite often we are  not even aware of it and it can be helpful if the body and our energy system gets energy from "outside". 


During the remote spiritual healings I connect with the energy fields of the people/animals (on site or from a distance), or I take them into a kind of ball of energy. I let the universal energy flow into their bodies and leave it to the body where it needs it most urgently. 


In addition, my spiritual healings include a chakra balancing and I wrap the body in a field of rest and relaxation afterwards.


Spiritual healing can work quickly and immediately cause an improvement, especially with children and animals, but multiple sessions are advisable, because the repeated additional energy supply promises the greatest success. 




Package of 6: 500€