About me

I am Maika, born 1983. 


In 2017, after living in Australia for 9 years, I moved with my husband, our young son, dogs, cats, many chickens and ducks and numerous wild animals, somewhat secluded in a small village in the south of Mecklenburg Vorpommern.                                            


I am a full-sighted medium and spiritual healer. 


I have always been aware of the thoughts and feelings, the energies of everything around me. For me this is normal and for a very long time I was not aware that many people perceive the world differently. With people it is very often so that what they think, what they feel and what they radiate energetically do not correspond with each other and especially not with what they show on the outside and/or say. This was very irritating for me for a long time. 


Even as a child, I preferred animals to people for this reason . Animals show on the outside exactly what is going on inside of them. That was and is reassuring and clear for me, it is the calm inside of the storm of all the contradictory thoughts and feelings of people. 


I have never studied spirituality much, I don't know the theories, cannot relate to their designations.


Instead, I live spirituality without giving it a name, boundaries or views, because for me it is my normal. 


We live in the country, surrounded by forest, without direct neighbours, somewhat remote. I love living and working here. I can spend hours in my natural garden, I celebrate my connection to nature and to the animals and plants. They are still my dearest companions. 


And I love working with people who are open to change and ready to receive and embrace it.