Soultalks are conversations with the souls, the Inner Self, the Infinite Being of a person. 


I make contact with the energy/soul of the person via a photo.


Thereby I receive words as well as feelings, pictures etc.. I am shown what is important at the moment. I get in touch with the person himself and his current situation, the energy in which he is at the moment. But I also interact directly with the soul, I can ask it questions or ask about certain situations. 


During a soul talk I can also check through the body and work with various tools if appropriate, such as karmic entanglements (for example, if certain problems in the now seem to have no traceable cause, I look to see if the cause lies in a past life - there I can either "rewrite" it or just being aware of its existence is enough to resolve the symptoms in the now). 


I also work with the energies, can e.g. draw off foreign energies, wrap nervousness/anxiety in calmness and trust and thereby support the people. 


A soul talk I do without the person actually being present, because I get "undisturbed" more detailed information. When I am done with the soul talk, the client gets an audio file with it. Then he can ask questions, which I pass on to the soul, then follows a final phone call. 


A soul conversation can of course also take place with deceased people.

How quickly I can carry out such a soultalk, I can not say beforehand, because it depends on the urgency of the souls. I take into account whether souls just want to communicate and in what urgency they come to me. This means that it can sometimes take a few weeks until the soul conversation takes place.


In addition to soul talks, subsequent guidance sessions are often helpful, where I can get to the bottom of questions through my full vision and my access to the spiritual world, see energy fields that are effective and accompany people with the tools of aura surgery, among other things.


Cost: 180, - € (content: soul talk, audio file, additional questions to the souls after successful soul talk, final phone call) are beyond that still further questions, will be charged hourly (70 € / hour)