Animal communication

Whether it is the souls of people or animals, makes no difference. Something that is really close to my heart is animal communication, where I can help people to better understand their pets, for example. 


Mostly I ask them about their condition, whether they feel well or if there are any problems etc.. Especially with problems like aggression, fears, uncleanliness, sudden change in behaviour etc., it is very helpful to be able to connect with the animal this way, as it is often that they couldn't be helped the conventional way. 


An animal communication also includes the body check, I look where there are discrepancies in the body, whether something hurts and where help can be given, spiritual healing is a very big help here often. 


An animal communication can of course also take place with deceased animals. And also terminal care, or asking the soul of older animals, whether they are ready to leave the body, before making decisions, contributes to both, the animal as well as the owner. 


For an animal communication I need a photo and the name of the animal.


I make contact with the animal telepathically without the animal itself or the owner having to be physically present. After that they get an audio file, then more questions can be asked and then there is a final phone call, if wanted. 


Cost: 180,-€ (70,-€/per hour for follow-up questions)