Because of my full-sightedness I have the ability to see and perceive what goes on inside of peoples minds and hearts, where problems lie, and where their solutions are. 


Wouldn't it be nice if I could just serve the solution on a silver platter and people would accept and take it, and bang, everyone would be happy? 


Unfortunately, this is not how it works. I can do that, but experience has shown that people can't accept it that way. However, if they experience it themselves, if they recognize independently where and what the causes are, then it can also work and develope inside of them and lead them to the solution.


For this purpose I take people by the hand, so to speak, and accompany them in this process, through specific questions I lead them on the path and walk it with them side by side. 


Of course, all the tools of a medium and aura surgery are very helpful in this process, as they help people to become happy on their own. 


Costs: 150,-€/h single sessions 


Monthly sessions: Price on request